Centralising IT acquisition services with a single service provider has brought clear benefits for the company.

Managing assets is now much easier and less time consuming, with everything recorded in a single, central register – the 3 Step IT online asset management tool. The tool is also integrated with the service-desk system used by Lemminkäinen’s information management team, reducing complexity and ensuring all processes work smoothly together.

Reports can be generated at the touch of a button and delivery confirmations acknowledged electronically, saving time and cutting down on paperwork.

The major advantage of our partnership with 3 Step IT is the complete service they offer… 3FindIT has helped us to map all the workstations we currently use… Replacing IT assets with 3ChooseIT is easy and gives our end users an opportunity to influence the replacement operation. We know that end-users are truly happy with the service as our IT support workload has declined tremendously.” - Sami Immonen, Purchasing Manager


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